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Terms & Conditions​​

The information enclosed on website or linked to Lauren Sibbald Fitness training programs and nutrition plans are not intended as medical advice nor should it be used to cure any injury, illness, health condition, disease or medical state. The information should not be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


Before commencing a new program or nutrition plan seek professional advice from your Physician, Nutritionist and Doctor. If you use any information from Lauren Sibbald’s plans or off website without your health practitioner’s or doctor's approval, you prescribed for yourself which will remain you legal right.


I understand that any information taken from Lauren Sibbald’s programs or dietary change I undertake in is under my own free will. I confirm that I am fully responsible to consult with my doctor or a physician before making any changes to my training and diet.



Lauren Sibbald, her training programs and all information on the website takes no responsibility for the use of any information in, or linked to the content and will remain harmless for any incurred injuries, damages or cost as a result of using information. Nor does Lauren Sibbald take responsibility for violation of any law, regards of whether they are incidental, actual, punitive, or consequential. 


If you are an individual with conditions involving nutrient deficiencies, allergies or any other food-related health problems you must consult your doctor for advice. Lauren Sibbald, her programs and nutrition plans and the website is not suited for individuals with such conditions.



All information in Lauren Sibbald’s programs and nutrition plans and on the website is subject to differences of opinions and unique differences in individuals’ circumstances and in human error in preparing this information. 



Any loss resulting from any actions taken or reliance made by you from the information taken from Lauren Sibbald’s programs and website, Lauren Sibbald is not liable for. If you use any information in the program you are responsible for ensuring, by independent verification, its accuracy, currency, reliability, completeness and relevance to your own individual and personal circumstances. Always obtain advice from appropriate health professionals which is relevant to your individual circumstances. 


All intellectual property rights and copyright in materials contained in Lauren Sibbald’s programs and her websites are licensed to and owned by Lauren Sibbald. No intellectual property rights or other rights regarding information regarding the materials and information in the programs and the website are transferred to any person who uses or obtains the Medias. Excluding any copyright regulations any other applicable law in your area - Lauren Sibbald’s Programs and the website (including but not limited to logos, illustrations, text, graphics, video clips, photographs and images) in any form (including by email or other electronic resources).


As a consumer of Lauren Sibbald’s Nutrition Plans, Programs, or Challenges run through her and the - you agree to the disclaimer and privacy policy available on the website

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