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Hear What My Clients Say

"My experience with Lauren is incredible. I have known Lauren as my PT for 18 months now and the results are amazing! Lauren is very approachable and flexible on training styles, she is able to adjust the training program when I have injuries, that strengthens my weaknesses and really helps for my recovery and preventing further injury. Lauren works with me towards my specific goals and needs by setting up my personalise training program and diet plan, all I need to do is just follow the plan and be consistent. Lauren is encouraging, supportive and keeps me on track."

- Yan


"Starting PT sessions was a scary (terrifying) thing for me. I was really worried I would just stuff it up or lose motivation, however, Lauren is someone who knows her stuff from years of practice and progress - all of which she has used to scaffold my sessions and build my motivation. She has consistently given me all the tools I need and her genuine enjoyment of what she does is what keeps me motivated. I have made so much progress from when I first started!"

- Jessica


"I have been with Lauren since February 2019. She has been such a huge support getting me motivated and staying fit and healthy. I have noticed a massive difference in my strength and cardio and much of it has to do with her help." 

- Samantha

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